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VOLTIVO EXCELFIL – HIGH GRADE 3D PRINTING FILAMENT                                                                                

Voltivo ExcelFil™ is a high grade, high density 3D printer filament available in both PLA and ABS perfectly suited for and tested with a wide range of 3D printers. ExcelFil™ PLA and ABS filament allows for easy extrusion due to its tight laser-controlled tolerances, smooth flow characteristics over a large temperature range, rapid cooling and a high tensile strength.

Available PLA and ABS Colors


Color   Materials Pantone
Coal Black ABS PLA P 179-16 C
Snow White ABS PLA P 1-1 C
Ash Grey ABS PLA P 179-6 C
Cherry Red ABS PLA P 48-16 C
Candy Yellow ABS PLA P 1-8 C
Deep Purple ABS PLA P 88-8 C
Ocean Blue ABS PLA P 102-16 C
Leafy Green ABS PLA P 143-16 C
Signal Orange ABS PLA P 34-8 C
Sky Blue ABS PLA P 107-5 C
Natural Beige (No pigment) ABS


P 1-2 C
Transparent ABS PLA N/A
Arctic Silver ABS PLA P 179-4 C
Bling Gold ABS PLA P 12-8 C


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